Small Business Mentorship

The county’s Small Business Mentorship Program pairs local entrepreneurs with established business owners with expertise in their field.

The Department of Economic Development sponsors an award-winning Small Business Mentorship Program. The program recruits local businesses to be mentored by more experienced business owners or experts. More than 300 businesses have participated in the program.

The mentor program is intended to address the needs of owners of newly started businesses. The mentee/protégé is able to better achieve growth for his fledgling business by benefiting from the experience of a trusted advisor. The advisors are expected to help business owners address issues related to several areas: business growth, human services, loan packaging, financial recordkeeping, inventory control, developing or expanding a marketing strategy and other related business issues.

The department carefully screens and selects mentors and mentees/proteges to participate in this program. DED matches the experience of the mentors with the needs of the mentees. All information shared between the mentor and the mentee/protege and the mentor is to be held in strict confidence.

To participate, complete and return the Small Business Mentorship Application.

For more information about the program, contact DeVance Walker, Jr., Ph.D.

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