Agricultural Services

The Preservation of rural land for agricultural use has a high priority in Montgomery County.  More than 93,000 acres of the county's 316,000 acres are still in agriculture.

In Montgomery County, landowners can choose from seven separate agricultural land preservation programs. Each of these programs place an easement on the property which prevents future commercial, residential or industrial development of the land. The programs available are:

  1. Montgomery County Agricultural Easement Program
  2. Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
  3. Maryland Environmental Trust
  4. Montgomery County Transfer of Development Rights Program
  5. Montgomery County Rural Legacy Program
  6. Legacy Open Space Program
  7. Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

You may find it economically advantageous to participate in one of these agricultural land preservation programs if you and your family intend to continue farming or if you desire to have your land protected from future development. Montgomery County is committed to preserving farmland to ensure the viability of the agricultural industry which contributes to the county's economic diversity.

Compare and contrast the agricultural land preservation programs that purchase development rights in exchange for placing an easement on the property.