Sanaria Wins Verl Zanders Award

Montgomery County’s own Sanaria, a emerging biotech company dedicated to the creation of a Malaria vaccine, was named the Verl Zanders Emerging Business of the Year by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

Sanaria CEO Dr. Stephen L. Hoffman receives the 2013 Verl Zanders Emerging Company of the Year award, flanked by MCCC President Gigi Godwin and DED Director Steve Silverman.

The award was accepted by CEO Dr. Stephen L. Hoffman during an awards dinner on November 21.

Malaria is a mosquito-born disease and one of the leading causes is Plasmodium falciparum. Sanaria reports that this form of the disease is responsible annually for more than 300 million clinical cases and more than one million deaths. It also results in a more than one percent loss in the Gross Domestic Product in Africa and is a serious concern for travelers to the region.

The creation of a modern, recombinant vaccine for malaria has eluded scientists for the past 20 years.

“In fact,” according to the Sanaria website, “there are only two recombinant protein vaccines on the market for any disease, and no vaccines based on synthetic peptides, recombinant viruses, recombinant bacteria, or DNA plasmids. Most vaccines are based on attenuated or inactivated whole pathogens or material derived directly from the infectious agent.”

For more information on the company, visit their website, or watch the video presentation that was shown at the awards dinner, below.